acticom-logoacticom GmbH based in Berlin, Germany has been offering its expertise in the areas of wireless telecommunication, security within access networks, and compression of multimedia data within a network since 1999.

In 2001 acticom GmbH also began developing and selling special protocol stacks from these areas and facilitates their integration into cell phones, central components of cell phones and software solutions and operating systems. We draw our customers either from companies focusing on wireless communication systems, such as WLAN Access Points, cell phones, mobile networks, chip set producers or from publishers of software solutions for portable terminals.

In 2005 acticom GmbH expanded its business operations to include applications for portable terminals. It develops solutions for consumers, medium-sized and large companies. The protocol stacks and solutions developed by acticom GmbH include: RoHC, RoHC_wimax, RoHC_mobile, 8021x_toolkit, 8021x_auth, authFW_wimax, 8021x_mobile. Applications for portable terminals include: acticom_supp – securing the WLAN connection and SMSzipper – compression of SMS on the cell phone.